November 2010 ~ KZOO Karaoke Contest

I recently had the honor of being a finalist in the KZOO Karaoke Contest. I went to the audition in August. That was quite an experience for my grandmother had heard about the open auditions on the radio the week of the audition. My Dad printed out the application, and we had it post marked the day it was due. That weekend I went to Oahu and stayed at my auntie’s house, however, I caught a cold the night before and was rather horse. Being that it was so last minute, I walked from my aunt’s house to the venue where the audition was held. I walked into the venue with an umbrella in one hand and a plastic bag containing my heels in the other (I had on my sneakers since I was walking there). In the queue line, I was sitting there with my tissue and water bottle. I thought, well, I have nothing to loose and I went up there and did it. To my surprise, I got in! So I flew to Oahu and performed Rimi Natsukawa’s “Nada Sou Sou” in Okinawan kimono. My friend’s mother dressed me and did my hair and my sister did my make up. There were so many wonderful singers, and though I didn’t win, it was such an honor and an experience I’ll never forget!

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